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At the TCPA LAW FIRM, the most important thing on our minds is our clients.  This is the focus Frank F. Owen has had from the beginning of his practice of law.  Prevention of Junk Faxes and recover of damages pursuant to the Federal TCPA Statute is the number one priority of the TCPA LAW FIRM.  Through our efforts from settlements and small claims complaints to Class Action litigation, we strive to meet these objectives.

Besides the TCPA engagements, Frank F. Owen accepts cases in other practice areas as designated on this web site.  Not only is he an Attorney, but he is a Counselor in the broadest definition of the word.  He strives to provide the most technical advice as well as impeccable judgment about the best course of action for the desired outcome.  Thoughtfulness, dependability, and tenacity are keywords describing his representation.

Take a moment to find out more information about the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Law, the areas of law we practice in, the professionals in our organization, our commitment to diversity, and how to locate and contact us.